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Planning and environment law

Andrew Davis is a leading lawyer and advisor in everything to do with Planning and Environment Law.  This covers zoning, land use, subdivision, civil engineering, building, vegetation, fauna, heritage protection, and many other areas of technical regulation affecting land.

Valuation law

The valuation of land is heavily informed by the planning and environment legal regime, and so Andrew Davis Planning Lawyers do Valuation Law as well, to ensure our client’s assets are protected.

We do front end (advice) and back end (disputes/litigation) work.

In litigation, most of our work is in the Planning and Environment Court and the Land Court, although sometimes we can progress to the Supreme Court if required.

Our professional legal services include:

  • Planning and Environment Court disputes of all types – we have conducted hundreds of appeals so we certainly know how to win
  • P&E law advice of any level of complexity – with our experience and knowledge you will always have an advantage
  • Development offence and defence; show cause and enforcement notices
  • Land Court disputes including compulsory acquisition and land valuation

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Andrew Davis Planning Lawyers services all areas of Queensland.

Brisbane Office
Level 27, Santos Place
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Brisbane QLD 4000

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